Arizona – From Tucson to Sedona

I sat inside a beautiful room at the Casino Del Sol in Tucson, Arizona reveling at the beauty of the place among the red mountains and the mighty Saguaro cactus’s that riddled the countryside.

My thoughts fall back to the long plane ride that brought us here to this land of beauty. The rain was falling from the sky, cleansing us as we headed to Albany Airport.

From above the clouds at this high altitude the sky looked like a vast ocean of wispy mists moving in rhythm with vibrations of the stars themselves.

The gem show in Tuscon graced us with incredible energy that seemingly radiated through. It was amazingly beautiful. Walter W. Cook, my husband was by my side along with Denise and her husband Tom. We were grateful and blessed.

So many gems, beads, jewels and the coolest, nicest people you would want to meet showered us as we spent three days walking among casinos, hotels, and tents in Tucson. It was radiant and it radiated within us.

Red Rock Mountains

Red Rock Canyon – Sedona, Arizona

Took the Baldwin Path to Templeton Trail to Red Rock – then backdown to Baldwin Path to Crescent Moon Path. We hiked more than I ever had since I was a child running along the old Indian Trails in upstate New York. Liberated and free we soaked up the sun, the majestic views, and the fun loving people all around.

One of the last cowboy’s.

Underneath the vortex tree in Sedona, Arizona

Grandmother tells me to let all unwanted things, stress, anything you have been holding onto be thrown into the ravenous river and let it be carried away. Release.

We walked a good three miles into beautiful terrain, mountainous peaks shining bright with the pale orange hue that you see in the soil beneath your feet. For some reason, we could breathe easier, clearer. At points the air would stand still before us and show waves of distinct energy. It enhanced our vision and wafted through our beings. We could feel the shift go through and around us. It was for all purpose, amazing. A sense of peace, of knowing, of loving, of being.

Buddha Temple, Sedona Arizona

Even the airplane above sounds like the vibrational rhythm of the Tibetan bowls that ring out against the magnificence of the red rock mountains. Walking three times around the Stupa praying for peace, relief from suffering, and love. Unconditional love to be spread worldwide by the synchronized thoughts of many.

The meditation on the trail was phenomenal. I was overcome with a sense of wellness, of pure bliss that spiraled through me and around me. I was consumed with gratefulness.

Prayer flags danced in the gentle breeze as I made my way down the path. How wonderful and peaceful here.

Regenerated, balanced and peaceful I struck out for the exit to this most blessed site. It was time to ready for another wonderful hike in these amazing red rock mountains.

We headed out to hike the day away on beautiful serene trails meeting wonderful people along the way.

The Grand Canyon – Sedona, Arizona

The Grand Canyon was the second wonder of the world that we have been blessed to experience. Majestic and regal, the surreal views full of natural beauty and elegance looked up at us as we took in the splendor.

On our way out of Sedona heading toward Phoenix, I watched as a local vaquero tended to the black cattle that glistened under the sun soaked sky. A sense of the old ways overcame me.

Beauty lies everywhere that has been touched by Creator. So within, so without. Walter and I are truly blessed to have journeyed to Arizona with the amazing guidance of Denise and Tom Montena.


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