The American People

A rainbow sunset glides over the mountain terrains that paint the background of the cities

in wait . . . for war.

Snow beats wildly outside, throwing sprays of mist up off the sidewalk as though each

flake were in debate about where to land.

The beat of the drum on Capital Hill has the music set for the shrill cry of battle.

Everything about the day has lost its innocence and the American people, in reality, wonder what it

is all for.

Some of those people are crying out that they don’t need this anymore.


911 brought us closer together, drawing the people into families that had drifted apart.

Looking out of the eyes of pain the American people found comfort in their children, but that was

just a start.

Friends, families, communities, an American nation; the people banded together to form one heart.


American troops at the ready, civilians on alert, the storm gathers rhythm as Bush and

Sadam flirt.

The people eye their children with their innocence and think of how to protect them from

getting hurt.

Publicized through the media as a notable cause, doesn’t a global war deserve fair pause?

A time to reflect, to weigh out the pro’s and the con’s, to locate the discrepancies and

work out the flaws.


The Rains set in as the air around us warms.

The people question the Nature of Love and the place where it forms. Is it from the hugs

or the kisses, or a kind thought that draws it forth, or is it aloft?

These and more thoughts invade the people’s senses, as our government contemplates

world war.

Facing the government all the while in ignorance; our clarity veiled by deception,

Propaganda and truths untold, do we really know what this war is for?

Is it our fate to sit and wait as the bell’s ring out the death toll?


We the American people, will never see all the chips on the table.

The real issues are kept hidden, making our positions unstable.

We, the civilians, going about our ordinary lives, will never know the real reasons why

so many people have to die.

The decisions our government is making, they are making for us.

Are you willing to fall in line behind them, giving over full power and trust?

Or should you question their intentions, whether they are valid and true.

Was not the last presidential election a star-studded ruse?


Ice forms on the windowpane, as the winds streak the glass with frost.

Frigid as the weather, our plight is being counted down.

Two more weeks they say until war breaks out.

Bush and Powell say we will win at any cost.

This poem was written at a time of great tragedy for the American people.
Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Our fate rested in the hands of our President, Mr. Bush.
Instead of war, Mr. Bush went into hibernation and meditated on the situation that had befallen our great nation. Instead of reacting, he isolated himself in for earnest contemplation. President Bush did our country a great justice by doing so.

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