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Creator – WoMan –Nature

All living things are connected as part of Creator’s divine dream.  A web if you will, a solid connection that over time has faded and become lost to so many.  Truth seems obscure and for most is not at our disposal.  Trust is hard to come by in doctrine, in historical writ, in people. 

This is where the journey begins. 

A backup plan was built into Man upon first creation.  More clearly, each person, each individual has components that allow the discerning of truth in all matters and in all things.  This is the soul, and the spirit.  We ‘all’ have the ability to tap into spirit using our sub-conscious guided by Creator’s Love.  In the beginning, this was a natural attribute.  Today, it often lays dormant awaiting the chance to surface and bring about change. We are so much more than flesh on bones. 

Spirit is liken to an umbilical cord that is attached to an infinite web of energy and vibration from pure divine Source. Creator. God. Goddess. One Mind. One Thing.

We live in the universe. The Universe lives within us.

The beauty of this natural phenomenon called spirit is that as long as your flesh still lives so may you open up the way to truth, here and now.   And so may you find healing from within and in doing so create healing all around you. Join us on this journey of Creator’s great design.  Open up your heart to the love that was given so freely to all.  Come and take an adventure into unlimited potential, deeper understanding, and a chance to heal yourself and those around you.  Join us on the path of changing consciousness – a different way of living, of acting, of feeling. 

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